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3 Vital Pointers in Poultry Egg Incubation

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One of the best ways to get your poultry farm off the ground is through egg incubation. However, before you start hatching chicks from fertilized eggs, you have to take note of several things.

First things first: before you start incubating the eggs, you have to remember that incubation is a very exact action. There are plenty of temperatures that you need to remember, and if you miss out on even any single one of these, you might end up killing the embryo in the eggs, thereby halting any development happening within. Always keep in mind that you’re doing all of these to ensure successful hatching.

The very first thing you’ll need is an egg incubator. I wrote an article here on the types of incubators. You can easily order an incubator on Amazon or from a hatchery. Your egg incubation unit will reflect your needs. Hobbyists or owners of small farms often get simple units, while a serious poultry enthusiast will probably have plenty of eggs to hatch, and will therefore need a bigger machine.

Whatever machine you get, you have to take note of three things when incubating the eggs of your birds. These three things are the most important items to watch out for during the incubation period, and if you fail to follow any of these three points to the letter, you increase the risk of ending up with dead eggs.


The first and most important factor is temperature. There’s a proper temperature that you have to maintain within the incubating chamber. It can’t be too hot (placing them under direct sunlight, for example), or else your eggs will fry but it can’t be too cold either, or else they won’t develop.


You also have to make sure that the humidity level in your egg incubator is at a constant rate. You can use a hygrometer or wet bulb thermometer to measure this. If the precipitation within the chamber is too little, you run the risk of robbing your chick of important nutrients while inside the shell.

Egg Turning

Finally, don’t forget to turn the eggs constantly. This aids in the development of the embryo. Failure to do so can result in a disabled or disfigured chick.

Once you know how to hatch your own chicks using an egg incubator, you’re one step closer to becoming an awesome poultry farmer. Just keep it up and remember that what your poultry birds need most is love and attention in order to stay happy.

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