poultry egg incubation calculator

Poultry Egg Incubation Calculator

This poultry egg incubation calculator or hatch date calculator will help you estimate the hatch date for the eggs of various domestic poultry birds, such as chicken, duck, quail, turkey, goose, guinea fowl, pheasant, partridge, pigeon, peafowl, swan, emu and ostrich. All you need to do is enter the date and time when the eggs were (will be) set in the egg incubator and select the type of bird from the drop-down menu. Click the Submit button and the calculator will then display the following information:

  • First candle date, when you can check the fertility and development of the embryos
  • Lockdown date, when you should stop turning the eggs and increase the humidity
  • The estimated hatch start date, when you should expect the first signs of hatching
  • Number of days left until hatching.

Poultry Incubation Calculation / Hatch Date Calculator

The calculator is based on the average incubation periods for each type of bird, which may vary depending on the breed, the temperature and humidity of the incubator, and other factors. Therefore, this simple chicken egg incubation calculator is only an approximation and not a guarantee of successful hatching. You should always monitor your eggs closely and follow the best practices for incubating and hatching poultry eggs. You can find more information and tips on how to hatch poultry eggs here.

I hope you find this calculator useful and fun to use. This poultry egg incubation calculator will help you plan and keep track of your hatching progress. Please feel free to share this calculator with your friends and fellow poultry lovers. Happy hatching!

The following are the average incubation periods of some poultry species.

Bird SpeciesIncubation Period
Chicken21 days
Turkey28 days
Duck28 days
Call Duck26 days
Muscovy Duck35 days
Coturnix Quail18 days
Bobwhite Quail23 days
Emu52 days
Goose30 days
Guinea Fowl28 days
Ostrich42 days
Partridge23 days
Peafowl28 days
Gold Pheasant22 days
Ring-necked Pheasant23 days
Pigeon17 days
Swan34 days
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